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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why Wait to Cut the Cord? | Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping {San Diego Bradley Method® Instructor}

I am very passionate about this subject. Why? Because it is important! The more research is done, the more the word gets out, the more I learn, the more I advocate for babies. It is 5 measly minutes or so. Can't the doctor/midwife in the hospital wait an extra 5 minutes? You need to tell them they do! It's YOUR baby, YOUR body, YOUR birth. YOUR choice. It is part of the midwifery model of care to wait. Why? They believe in the natural process of birth and non-intervention unless needed. It makes sense. Cutting the cord immediately is in fact a medical intervention. Let the baby get all the blood, nutrients, and oxygen that it was supposed to.

BENEFITS of Delayed Cord Clamping
  • baby receives up to 20-50% more blood (54-160ml) than if clamped prematurely 
  • boosts iron levels and prevents anemia up to the first year of life
  • baby receives all their stem cells
  • better oxygen levels, decreasing need for supplemental oxygen
  • no need to worry if baby isn't "breathing" immediately because the placenta/cord is supplying oxygen to the baby
  • reduces incidence of bleeding in the brain (intraventricular hemorrhage) and the need for blood transfusion
  • decrease risk of Birth Injuries, specifically those associated with the brain/IQ
  • decreases risk of maternal postpartum hemorrhage and retained placenta
Delayed Cord Clamping research & articles
WIKI (I always like Wiki for simplicity and pictures, then I move on to more meaty articles & research journals)
Academic OBGYN (OBGYN point of view with research)
Midwife Thinking (Midwife point of view with tons of videos and examples of why not to clamp)
Delayed Cord Clamping on FB (A Facebook page dedicated to the subject)
MSNBC (in the mainstream media news)
A Natural 3rd Stage (by renowned Dr. and Author Sarah Buckley)
Birth Injuries (wow!!!)
WIKI on Lotus Birth (Lotus Birth - cord dries up and detaches on it’s own – no clamping or cutting is ever done)

Lotus Birth FAQ (Lotus Fertility.com)


Rosie said...

Love this video. I hope people will watch it and 'get it' or ask questions if they don't. It's taken a long long time for our human race to come back to this...it may take awhile for docs to 'get it'. But with the internet and informed parents who know their patient rights change is acomin' :D

GiftedBirthSupport said...

Very important information, thank you very much for compiling and sharing!
My baby's story of having his cord prematurely cut (nuchal cord) is shard on the MidwifeThinking blog. So much damage can be done by this thoughtless, unnecessary intervention.

Amanda Burleigh said...

Thank you for your article. Such an important subject about a procedure which needs to be stopped. I believe we are just beginning to see the tip of the iceberg of damage that has been caused by 40-50 years of non evidence based practice.